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Game of Thrones actor talks about theory following Sam’s big moment

by Brandon Russell | July 6, 2016July 6, 2016 3:20 pm PDT

The season 6 finale of Game of Thrones featured a lot of death, destruction, and shocking moments, but not everything was doom and gloom. Away from the battle for the Iron Throne, Samwell arrives at the Citadel, where he’s escorted into a magnificent library; the way he stands awestruck by the library’s collection of books is one of the purest moments we’ve ever seen in the show.

While the payoff for Sam’s arrival at the Citadel won’t come for a while, one moment in his arrival has a lot of fans talking—and even the actor who plays Sam, John Bradley, chimed in about what we’re seeing, particularly the gyroscope that looks suspiciously like the one in the opening credits.

Here’s what Bradley had to say to Hollywood Reporter:

I only became aware of that after I saw the episode. On the day, it was all green screen. It’s only after I saw the episode and people started telling me about the gyroscope. I think it could mean any number of things. One theory is that what we’re seeing now and how we’re experiencing Game of Thrones is Sam telling the story of Game of Thrones. If you take the logic of the story now, the story of Westeros and the story of the battle for the Iron Throne, it would be a book in that library. The visual motif of that is you’re about to be told a story—the sense of an idea of being told a story, and people gaining the knowledge, the way Sam is absorbing knowledge in the library.

It’s certainly a plausible theory when seen through the lens of “being told a story,” but it all seems so cliche. If there’s one thing that Game of Thrones isn’t, it’s cliche, so even though Bradley acknowledges the theory as a possibility, I’m not sure how true it’ll become.

We should find out soon enough, however. With only 15 possible episode of the show left, there isn’t much time to wrap up all the remaining storylines, not least of which is Sam and his library of books.

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