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Samsung’s game-changing Smart Glow feature leaks again in new images

by Jacob Kleinman | July 5, 2016July 5, 2016 12:30 pm PDT

Last week we got a look at Smart Glow, Samsung’s exciting new take on notifications that puts a multi-colored ring of light around the rear camera. Now we’re getting an even closer look at the rumored feature with a fresh set of leaked images for the upcoming Galaxy J2.

The new phone is set to debut later this week in India, according to¬†SamMobile. It features a thick ring of light around the camera similar to previously leaked photos. However, a new profile shot of the Galaxy J2 reveals an larger camera hump created by Smart Glow. It’s not pretty, but it’s probably worth it for all the extra functionality the extra module will provide.

Smart Glow is expected to use a color-coded system to convey different¬†notifications. You could assign one color to a specific contact so you know who’s trying to reach you with a quick glance, making it easy to decide if you should pick up your phone. It may also warn you if your battery is low with a red or orange glow. It could even help you take a high-quality selfie using the rear camera, with a blue light letting you know when your face is in the right position to snap a photo.

Smart Glow may get even smarter further down the line. A feature called Weather ring could respond when you shake the phone, shining yellow for sunny or blue for rainy. Health ring may help monitor your heart rate and other fitness data, but it’s unclear exactly how that will work.

These more complicated features probably won’t arrive until later this year, possibly with the rumored Galaxy S8. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing Smart Glow in action on the rumored Galaxy J2 (2016) once it gets an official unveiling.

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