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Nvidia’s GeForce Experience beta requires players log in to update drivers

by Joey Davidson | July 5, 2016July 5, 2016 4:00 pm PST

GeForce Experience

Nvidia is currently beta testing a brand new version of their GeForce Experience. While it packs plenty of unique features, one will certainly frustrate a few gamers.

The new version of the GeForce Experience currently requires users to log in in order to access key features. Not just features like Share, Screenshot Capture and game broadcasting. Users will be required to log in if they want to update to the newest set of drivers.

While that likely sounds like a minor inconvenience to some, updating hardware drivers has always been a simple, free and easy process on the PC platform. In most cases, a quick Google search (or, heck, Windows-based button click) would locate required drivers. From there, a speedy download and installation would set users free into the world of upgraded gaming.

The current GeForce Experience, while a touch bloated, puts driver update in a single spot without a login feature. If the beta rolls into full release as it is now, users will need to register for Nvidia’s service and log in if they want access to the last software.

That’s annoying, isn’t it?


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