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BlackBerry stops building BlackBerry Classic

by Todd Haselton | July 5, 2016July 5, 2016 9:30 am PST

BlackBerry said Tuesday that it is officially going to stop manufacturing the BlackBerry Classic, a BlackBerry 10 smartphone it introduced about a year and a half ago in an effort to appease fans of the company’s “classic” smartphone designs.

BlackBerry chief operating officer and general manager of devices Ralph Pini said that the BlackBerry Classic has served its purpose in the company’s arsenal of smartphones, but that the company needs to continue refreshing its smartphones. “As part of this, and after many successful years on the market, we will no longer manufacture the BlackBerry Classic,” Pini explained. “For many years, Classic (and its BBOS predecessors) has been in our portfolio. It has been an incredible workhorse device for customers, exceeding all expectations. But, the classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today’s market.”

Not to be “that guy,” but, technically, the BlackBerry Classic was introduced in December 2014, which means it really hasn’t been on the market “for many years” but rather a year and a half. But Pini may have been referring to the design, which was re-introduced when the BlackBerry Classic hit the market.

Despite future updates to BlackBerry 10.3.3, which is due next month with another version coming next year, BlackBerry has made it clear it’s going to rely more on Android. Three new devices, the BlackBerry Neon, BlackBerry Argon and BlackBerry Mercury, are expected in the coming 12 months.


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