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Kickstart this clever modular power strip with a simple, safety-focused design

by Jacob Kleinman | July 4, 2016July 4, 2016 1:00 pm PST

The concept of a modular power strip isn’t exactly original. We’ve actually covered similar Kickstarter projects in the past, but the technology still hasn’t really caught on and most people are probably still using boring old power strips. Now a new version called Stacked takes a simple approach with a few unique features that could finally take the technology mainstream.

Stacked consists of three main units. There’s the base module, which includes the plug, an on/off switch and a three-pronged outlet. There’s also a module that adds a single outlet, and one that adds an outlet plus two USB ports for easily plugging in your mobile devices.

The modules snap together so it’s easy to rearrange them on the fly. They can rotate to face up or to either side so it’s always convenient to plug in from any angle. The company also put a big focus on safety with a protective plastic design and surge protection that shuts off automatically if it’s about to exceed capacity.

You can grab Stacked for as little as $35, which gets you three modules (one of each). There’s also the option to add extra modules a la carte to create the custom power strip of your dreams. Kickstarter orders won’t actually ship until December 2016 at the earliest. The company says it has the experience and partners in place to get the job done as promised, but delays are always possible when you back a crowd-funded product.


Jacob Kleinman

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