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Dell kills off Venue Android tablets, moves to 2-in-1s

by Brandon Russell | July 1, 2016July 1, 2016 10:00 am PDT

Citing an oversaturated market, Dell announced the company will cease production on its Venue line of Android tablets, including a full-stop on OS updates. Instead, Dell said it will put all of its focus on Windows 2-in-1 devices, an area the company says provides a better value to consumers.

It’s true, the tablet market is quite saturated and it’s been that way for years now. Not to mention the market itself seems to be dying off in favor of larger phones and hybrid devices. With that in mind, it’s a little sad to see Dell’s Venue tablet lineup get killed off because they were actually pretty good.

“The slate tablet market is oversaturated and is experiencing declining demand from consumers, so we’ve decided to discontinue the Android-based Venue tablet line,” Dell’s Kirk Schell explained. “We believe 2-in-1s are starting to become the preferred device for those in the workplace who occasionally want to operate the device in tablet mode, which is why we’re continuing to invest in the space, while beginning to divest from the slate tablet market.”

Schell added that 2-in-1s are much more versatile and offer a wider variety of screen sizes. They’re also much easier to use for productivity, something Android tablets have failed at.

Android Nougat will include improved multitasking capabilities when it launches later this year, but with Chromebooks gaining the ability to run Android apps and the rise of 2-in-1 devices, Dell’s move seems like yet more proof that the tablet market is not long for this world.

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