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Atlus and NipponIchi break-up leads to Dragon’s Crown being pulled from PlayStation Store

by Ron Duwell | July 1, 2016July 1, 2016 6:00 pm PDT

Dragon's Crown

Nobody likes to see two beloved figures break-up, and that is just what Atlus and NipponIchi are doing. Ever since Atlus found a new lifemate in SEGA, NipponIchi has been on the outside looking in, saying that the working relationship the two shared is becoming strained. It gets a little awkward when you realize that NipponIchi has been publishing Atlus’ game in Europe.

And we are now witnessing the first bit of fallout from the end of their working relationship. VanillaWare and Atlus’ excellent beat ’em up Dragon’s Crown has been pulled from the European PlayStation Store, and there is no telling when it will be coming back.

NipponIchi’s European Twitter account explained the move in a post that has since been deleted.

Sadly our license expired for Dragon’s Crown and we were forced to remove it from the PSN store. Apologies for any inconvenience.

It eventually followed up with another post, further explaining the situation, and assuring fans that the game would be back on an unannounced date.

With regards to our previous statements on Dragon’s Crown for the European PSN, we must extend our deepest apologies to Atlus and European fans regarding the incorrect information about the removal from this store.”

The removal of Dragon’s Crown from the European PSN was part of NIS America’s and Atlus’s mutual agreement on this title. We are happy to announce that Dragon’s Crown will be available directly from Atlus in Europe through PSN.

Well, all is said and good then, right? No harm no foul? Well, not so much. We’re lucky that Atlus is willing to step up and publish the game on its own, but don’t always expect this to be the case with publishers. This is an isolated incident in a growing situation which the fragility of digital games is going to be exposed. Publishers break-up, licences are lost, games get pulled potentially forever, and who suffers the most?

The gamers who just want to enjoy their games. Darn shame, but that’s the future we accepted when we voted with our dollars, saying that digital distribution was okay.


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