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Android Nougat is the official name of Android N!

Breaking news, folks. Google just announced that Android Nougat will be the final name for Android N.

The company also revealed its latest Android statue in front of Google headquarters. This one depicts a pretty normal looking version of the Android mascot standing on top of three tasty pieces of nougat.

Android Nougat brings a bunch of great new features to Google’s mobile operating system. The biggest and most overdue is likely multi-window support. That means you can finally view two apps side by side on your Android phone or tablet if it’s running Nougat. The feature also includes picture-in-picture view and can switch between portrait and landscape mode automatically.

Google’s included some nice Doze improvements as well designed to save even more battery life. Notifications are getting a sweet upgrade too, making it easy to reply or snooze an incoming message straight from the notification shade without opening the entire app. Speaking of notifications, Android Nougat will also bundle multiple alerts from one app together for a cleaner layout.

Google accepted open submissions for the Android N name, but the company’s fine print made it clear that the decision wasn’t actually up to a vote. It’s unclear if Android Nougat was the winner or even a strong contender, but it probably didn’t matter at the end of the day.

Android Nougat is set to launch sometime this summer. Google’s also running an open beta program so you can try out the new software for yourself assuming you have a supported device.

Jacob Kleinman

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