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1TB Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 now on sale outside the U.S.

Microsoft has today announced that its most powerful Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 configurations are now on sale outside of the U.S. and Canada. Both devices, which pack a whopping 1TB of storage, are available in 10 new markets today.

In addition to that 1TB drive, these machines offer Intel’s sixth-generation Core i7 processors and 16GB of RAM as standard. The Surface Book also boasts discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics for PC gaming on the go.

These specifications make the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 ideal for creatives who need as much power and storage as they can get when they’re on the move — whether they’re editing movies or shooting stunning photos.

“We hear from engineers, designers and researchers who render large files and work with huge amounts of data who appreciate the ability to access what they need whether they’re connected to a network or not, without being tied to a desk or office,” Microsoft says.

“Finally, there are people in a huge variety of fields… who depend on a library of presentations, digital content, and image and video files relating to client projects who want truly instant access to all of these resources on job sites.”

Starting today, the 1TB Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 will be available in Australia, Austria, China, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom
from the Microsoft Store and participating retailers.

Later this month, these devices will also be available in Germany and Japan, while Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands will get the 1TB Surface Pro 4 in the summer.


Killian Bell

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