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iPhone 7 3D Touch home button sounds more likely than ever

by Jacob Kleinman | June 29, 2016June 29, 2016 6:30 am PST

iPhone 7 leaks are coming faster than ever as we get closer to the expected September unveiling. Now one of the most interesting rumors surrounding Apple’s upcoming device is getting a boost thanks to a report from financial services firm Cowen and Company.

Analysts at the firm claim the Apple really will replace the physical home button with a 3D Touch version in the iPhone 7. The firm shared the news with Business Insider, adding that it’s supported by “field checks” along with internal research and projections.

A 3D Touch home button would be flush with the rest of the device, using a Force Touch panel and a small motor to replicate the feeling of pressing a real button. It could also be less prone to breaking down over time since there are fewer moving parts. Apple already uses the same technology in the iPhone 6s, Apple Watch and MacBook trackpad.

The rumor started gaining momentum earlier this month when an alleged leaked photo of the iPhone 7 showed a home button that was flush with the rest of the device. Apple also has a patent on the design, which was published back in February.

Cowen said that the iPhone 7 will remove the headphone jack and feature a water-resistant design. Those two changes seem all but confirmed at this point thanks to multiple earlier leaks, but the 3D Touch home button is still a dark horse for now.


Jacob Kleinman

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