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Overwatch characters in Street Fighter V look better than the real thing

by Ron Duwell | June 28, 2016June 28, 2016 5:00 pm PST

Street Fighter‘s timeless characters have met their match in the form of Blizzard’s most recent creation, Overwatch. Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Chun Li, they are all having a hard time establishing themselves this generation with the middling reception of Street Fighter V.

The booming popularity of other combatants in the game doesn’t help, but it’s even trickier when the competition starts moving in on their own turf. Overwatch characters are being modded into the PC version of the game, and suddenly, this has become more exciting that the DLC options Capcom has been promising for the game.

Of course, each character is just a cosmetic change of an existing fighter, but this is just such a natural fit that I almost don’t care that Balrog was a surprise addition to Street Fighter V this weekend.

D.Va needs a little work to make her motions more exciting, but I am just thrilled that modder The Jamk even found a place for Mei! Glad someone else likes her.


Ron Duwell

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