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New iOS 10 3D Touch priority download feature revealed

by Todd Haselton | June 28, 2016June 28, 2016 9:00 am PDT

A new feature was discovered inside of the first iOS 10 beta recently that should save users plenty of headaches, especially folks who have slower internet connections.  The feature allows you to use 3D Touch to set a priority for specific apps to download ahead of others.


This is actually a big deal, and a feature I’ve been looking for in iOS for years. When I’m restoring an iPhone, for example, sometimes I’m forced to wait hours for all of my games to download, which means I can’t use other apps, like Google Maps, until the games are finished downloading. With the new feature, I can give an app like Google Maps priority over my games, allowing me to use it right away while the games can download later, after all my must-have apps have been installed. This could be particularly useful for app updates, too.

MacRumors reader first noticed the change. Users can try it by using 3D Touch on an app that’s downloading and tapping “Prioritize download,” as the image above states. We’re sure to find more iOS 10 secrets as new betas release.


Todd Haselton

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