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New Nexus phones said to offer live support like Amazon Mayday

by Brandon Russell | June 24, 2016June 24, 2016 12:50 pm PST

People talk about Apple’s emphasis on accessibility and industrial design as reasons why it’s so successful, but don’t forget how paramount its support system is to the experience. If you have an issue, you can either call support or simply go to a nearby Apple Store. It’s a huge network that many other manufacturers can’t touch, and a big reason why Apple has become such a powerhouse.

According to Android Police, Google is looking to introduce the same kind of support system—sort of.

When new Nexus devices launch later this year, Google will reportedly introduce a support app that offers live on-device support; it sounds a lot like what Amazon introduced with Mayday. Android Police doesn’t have much evidence proving that such a service is on the way, but still said it’s very confident we’ll see something later this year.

You can share your screen with a support agent, obviously, but we don’t know too much else about the service at this point. Presumably, live audio or chat would be part of the experience. Whether agents will be in any way able to control, draw on, or highlight the screen isn’t known, either.

At this point, we’re assuming this is an experience for Nexus devices. Google does not provide live chat or phone support to non-Nexus devices, and it would be awfully strange for them to suddenly open up a live-screen support experience to all Android hardware. Not to mention it would be all but logistically untenable.

Google has previously hinted it plans on making the Nexus brand a priority going forward, and introducing features like this would certainly draw interest from the public. Of course, competing with Apple’s network of retail stores would be incredibly difficult, but Nexus fans would still have a convenient way to get more hands-on support. Even better, it’ll be from the comfort of their own home.

The photo below is a mockup of what the support app might look like.



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