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Fable’s digital card game Kickstarter cancelled after it secures a publisher

by Ron Duwell | June 23, 2016June 23, 2016 5:00 pm PDT

Fable fortune

Several former Lionhead developers tried their hardest to keep Fable alive through a digital collectible card game called Fable Fortune, somewhere on the spectrum between Hearthstone and Gwent. However, the Kickstarter ended far sooner than expected and without reaching its goal.

And that’s because developer Flaming Fowl Studios found outside funding and a publisher, allowing the game’s closed beta to hit Steam in just a short while. One of those “happiness in failure” Kickstarter stories.

With the immediate future of Fable Fortune now secure, we have taken the decision to end our Kickstarter campaign early to focus on releasing a Closed Beta build as quickly as possible. As we’ve always stated, we want to make this game with your help, your feedback and your input. We have huge plans for Fortune and we know that whatever happens in the future, it all started with our already incredible community.

Fable Fortune has been in development for two years, and it was originally envisioned as a side-game in Fable 2. The Kickstarter had been progressing rather slowly, but the publisher just landed itself a fantasy card game based on a popular property.

Hint hint, that’s all the rage these days. My guess is that it is getting a good deal.


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