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Upgrade your earbuds with Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones – now 30% off

by Danny Zepeda | June 22, 2016June 22, 2016 1:15 pm PDT


If you haven’t heard of bone conduction headphones, like these SainSonic Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones–you need to check ‘em out. Word to the wise: they offer some major advantages over the old-school earbuds you’re currently sporting.

For the uninitiated, bone conduction headphones conduct audio vibrations through your skull to your inner ear to be interpreted by your brain. The process entirely bypasses the outer ear, meaning you don’t need to stick earbuds into your ears to get the premium sound you expect.

These SainSonic headphones work by hooking just above your ears, on your cheek, and delivering premium sound to you without obstructing sounds from the outside world. This makes them especially handy for workout enthusiasts, who will be able to catch car horns or other sounds to stay safe while hitting the pavement.

No wires involved with these headphones either, so sync them with your phone and you can listen to music or make and receive calls effortlessly. The unit’s weather-resistant anodized metal structure even keeps your audio experience well protected from the elements.

Find out what all the bone conducting rage is about with the SainSonic Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones, now 30% off while this offer lasts.

Danny Zepeda

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