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Twitter and Vine are about to get longer videos

by Jacob Kleinman | June 21, 2016June 21, 2016 5:00 pm PDT

Twitter‘s always put a big emphasis on brevity and the same goes for its looping video app Vine, which limits you to just six seconds of footage. But, starting soon, both apps will be bending the rules a bit to support longer clips up to 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds) in length.

The new time limit is a nod to Twitter’s 140-character limit, which dates back to the early days of SMS messaging but is still enforced by the company. On Twitter, videos will become longer when the update arrives for iOS and Android. It’s also set to introduce a new video interface with full-screen videos, a dark background and a scrolling list of additional clips to watch.

On Vine, the change will be a little more subtle. The app isn’t ditching its six-second limit, which pushes people to create unique videos. Instead, you’ll see an option to “Watch more” show up in the bottom right corner of some vines. That will link to a longer related video which can be viewed in full-screen mode.

The Vine update is still in beta and it could be a while before it gets an official launch. Twitter says its new video settings should arrive soon, though, so keep an eye out for an update to the company’s official app.

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