Android N brings back popular feature following complaints

by Todd Haselton | June 21, 2016

The Android N Developer Preview introduced a change recently that had some of us up in arms. Google decided that, perhaps, users didn’t want a one-touch toggle for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the notification shade. Instead, it thought we might want to tap those to then view available Bluetooth and wireless networks, with an added toggle to then turn them on or off. That made things a bit more convoluted than they needed to be, and a bit confusing for Android users.

Most of us are used to one-touch Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles, and a long press quickly brings us to a list of available networks. Why mess up what doesn’t work? So after hearing a bunch of feedback from its end users Google is backtracking and bringing the popular one-touch toggle feature back to Android N, PhoneArena noticed recently.

Google confirmed the change on a thread in the Android Open Source Project Issue Trackers thread with a simple  comment. “Hi, the development team has fixed the issue that you have reported and it will be available in a future preview build.” Rest easy, Android N fans.

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