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No Man’s Sky devs close out “secret” trademark battle over name with owners of the word Sky

by Ron Duwell | June 20, 2016June 20, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

Could it have been the world’s trademark laws that led to the string of No Man’s Sky delays? Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to Twitter this weekend to confirm that the company has wrapped up a “secret stupid” three-year legal dispute over the game’s title

Apparently, British telecom company Sky owns the rights to the word “Sky,” and it wasn’t exactly flying with them that No Man’s Sky is the name of the video game. Murray isn’t wrong. That is just plain stupid.

For months, we believed that development of the game had fallen behind, accounting for the ever retreating release date. However, this could be a new wrinkle in the narrative. Luckily for Sky, the legal battle battle was kept secret or it and its employees might have been on the receiving end of the death threats Hello Games got after the last delay.

Oh well, at least all of those dummies who threatened Murray must feel really foolish right about now.

While admitting the situation “was pretty serious” because these were “the same folks who made Microsoft change Skydrive to Onedrive,” Murray chimed in with his usual sense of humor to cool off heads.

On the plus side perhaps this is the real reason Skynet never happened.

This guy could have been a comedian if the world was a more chill place. No Man’s Sky launches for the PlayStation 4 and PC on Aug. 9.


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