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Google Now on Tap getting a huge and much needed update

by Jacob Kleinman | June 17, 2016June 17, 2016 3:30 pm PDT

google now on tap update

Google Now on Tap sounded great when it was first announced, but the Android Marshmallow feature never really lived up to our high expectations. Now the company appears to be rolling out some big changes that should make it a lot more useful.

Android Police reports that Google is pushing out a revamped version of Now on Tap with a ton of new features presented in two rows of icons. The top row focuses on common tasks like setting a reminder, creating a calendar event or setting an alarm. Tap on one and you’ll be redirected to the Google app to complete the task. Once you’re done, you’ll return automatically to the app you were originally using.

The second row helps you find nearby points of interest. It’s broken into categories including restaurants, cafes, shopping and gas stations. Clicking on any of those options will bring up a list of options based on your location.

Google appears to be transitioning Now on Tap away from a contextual search engine as it transforms into a handy assistant panel. That’s not a bad thing. We’re looking forward to trying out the new features, but it may also be an admission that the service’s original purpose isn’t exactly working out.

Android Police

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