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Facebook Video said to get T-Mobile Binge On support


T-Mobile’s Binge On already lets you stream from services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and YouTube without worrying about using up your data. Now the carrier could be teaming up with Facebook to support the social network’s video service too.

Recode reports that the two companies have been working together for a while. At this point, Facebook may simply need to update its video platform to meet T-Mobile’s technical requirements. The partnership could help Facebook Video compete with YouTube and also give it an edge over Snapchat, which still doesn’t offer Binge On support.

When T-Mobile first launched the new feature, it attracted both praise and plenty of criticism. It’s a nice perk for subscribers, but it also means watching your videos in a degraded resolution to lower costs for the carrier. Since then, T-Mobile’s made it easier to opt out of Binge On as part of a deal to add YouTube support.

Recode also notes that Facebook and T-Mobile may be working together on an American version of the social network’s controversial Free Basics service. The program offers free internet in some countries but restricts users to a handful of websites including Facebook. Free Basics was rejected in India earlier this year over Net Neutrality concerns, but with T-Mobile’s help it might just make it in the U.S.

Free Basics in the U.S. sounds like it’s still a long way from actually launching, but in the meantime Facebook Video may be ready to join Binge On pretty soon.


Jacob Kleinman

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