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Magic Keyboard OLED touchpad concept has us drooling

by Brandon Russell | June 17, 2016June 17, 2016 1:20 pm PDT

Once Apple introduces a redesigned MacBook Pro equipped with an OLED touchpad, it only makes sense for the feature to make it to other Apple products.

Thanks to a new concept video from Curved, we’re pining for Apple to create an OLED-equipped Magic Keyboard, a device that looks perfect for the feature. It would add a lot of functionality, especially for those who use their Apple laptop while connected to an external monitor. It looks like a natural extension for what Apple has planned for its upcoming MacBook Pro refresh.

The video is so well-produced that I’m almost convinced this is already a real product. Unfortunately, since Apple still hasn’t even acknowledged it’s working on a new MacBook Pro, it’s unlikely this Magic Keyboard concept is going to happen anytime soon. I hope Apple gets wind of this and starts development stat.

Of course, with an OLED touch bar, one can only imagine what kind of impact that might have on battery life (and price!).

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Brandon Russell

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