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Persona 5 E3 2016 trailer, Atlus “looking into” Japanese voice track

by Ron Duwell | June 16, 2016June 16, 2016 8:00 pm PST

Persona 5 showed up at E3 2016 with a slick trailer as usual, but the game was not without controversy. Indeed, Atlus and Persona usually have nothing but universal praise and the highest amount of love from their fanbase, but even they are not invincible to scrutiny.

What could have possibly happened? Well, Atlus confirmed that Persona 5 would not come with a dual-audio track, meaning players would have to suffer through…gasp! English voice acting!

Oh… the horror…

Smelling trouble brewing from its fans, PR Manager John Hardin jumped onto Twitter, stating that Atlus was “looking into” the Japanese audio track as a DLC option.

Ahhh, I remember my anime days, when I would strictly only watch stuff in Japanese. I remember playing Ace Combat 5 with the Japanese audio, and I had no idea how to beat the missions because I was too busy piloting to read any subtitles. Silly silly, but hey, it was in Japanese!

Still, to each his own, but would that really be detrimental enough to the overall experience to convince you not to buy the game?

Persona 5 comes to North America on Feb. 14 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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