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Wild Guns Reloaded has the best trailer you’ll never watch from E3 2016

by Ron Duwell | June 15, 2016June 15, 2016 2:20 pm PST

Natsume brought Wild Guns Reloaded to E3 2016, and it doesn’t get much better than this. I know all you kids are hootin’ and hollerin’ for your fancy pants Gears of War 4 or your Battlefield 1 next-gen graphic monstrosities, but just take a break from all of that for one minute and take a look at this trailer. This beautiful trailer of drool-worthy retro goodness.

Prove my headline wrong and watch this!

No, it’s nothing that’s going to distract us from The Legend of Zelda, but Wild Guns Reloaded is video gaming at its most pure. A Super Nintendo classic given an ultra-sexy HD remaster and actually looking superior to the original product! Maybe Square Enix needs to take some notes.

From there, you just shoot! Shoot lots and lots of badguys, prioritize the ones which are most dangerous, scan your surroundings for danger, and blow the enemy away. It might looks mindless, but this is a game that requires precise timing and pattern recognition of the highest caliber. Underestimating this game is a fools errand. You’re going to die the first time you play it. You’re not going to beat it.

But that’s okay because you’re going to get to restart, again, again, and again until you earn that victory. No modern day check points or save files to baby you to across the finish line. Perfect your skills and do it in perfect run!

Natsume also left in the original SNES music and sound effects. Music to my ears! Man, I miss gaming in the 90s. Do I say that too often?

No release date yet, but Wild Guns Reloaded is coming to the PlayStation 4.


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