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macOS Sierra code references rumored MacBook Pro with OLED bar

by Brandon Russell | June 15, 2016June 15, 2016 10:40 am PDT

Much to our disappointment, Apple didn’t introduce a redesigned MacBook Pro at WWDC this week. Does that mean the dream of a new machine equipped with an OLED bar is dead? Not exactly, and thanks to code found in macOS Sierra, it looks like the dream is more alive than ever.

Discovered by MacGeneration, code deep inside the beta release of macOS Sierra references new resources that hint at Apple’s fabled MacBook Pro revamp. Things like “kHIDUsage_LED” and “kHIDUsage_LED_DoNotDisturb,” the latter of which is a feature that’s currently found buried deep in System Preferences. There are other references, too, such as caps lock, night mode, mute, rewind, and more.

These code references won’t mean much to the average consumer, but they’re our best evidence yet that Apple is indeed working on a big MacBook Pro upgrade. The OLED bar rumored to replace the laptop’s function keys will reportedly change depending on context, making the device a more flexible and powerful machine.

Perhaps the most intriguing reference is to the inclusion of biometric inputs, lending credence to the possibility of Touch ID integration. We already know Apple is adding a “trusted devices” feature in macOS Sierra but TouchID would add another layer of security for those who don’t own an Apple Watch, and also make it easy to authenticate Apple Pay payments on the web.

Rumors claim we won’t see a MacBook Pro refresh until Q4 though a possible announcement from Apple could come much sooner.

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