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Android N name potentially revealed by Google exec

by Jacob Kleinman | June 15, 2016June 15, 2016 12:30 pm PST

Google invited the world to submit ideas for Android N’s official name last month, but we all know the company isn’t really putting it to a public vote. In fact, it turns out Google may already have a name picked out based on a few cryptic tweets from Hiroshi Lockheimer, who runs Android, Chrome OS and Google Play

The clues started last week when Lockheimer shared a picture of a menu showing a list of desserts, including one with Nutella.

Then, last night, he offered an even bigger clue, tweeting out a Chrome OS screenshot with a Google search for “nutella” clearly visible in the background.

We’re still not sure if Lockheimer is really dropping hints or just messing with us. The Verge points out that he’s been a self-proclaimed Nutella fan since at least February, so he may just be personally obsessed with the chocolate spread.

But even if Lockheimer is simply a Nutella mega fan that could be enough to give it an edge over any other possible Android N names. After all, he is in charge of Android. The update is set to arrive this summer so we should know pretty soon either way.

Jacob Kleinman

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