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Shepard no more, Mass Effect: Andromeda names its new protagonist

Fans figured this out months ago, but BioWare has finally confirmed what they’ve known since the the last N7 Day trailer. The next Mass Effect protagonist’s name is going to be Ryder, making Commander Shepard and her snappy endorsements a thing of the past.

BioWare Producer Mike Gamble confirmed the name on his personal Twitter account, making sure that players know their first name is still left open.

Mass Effect: Andromeda turned up at EA’s E3 2016 press conference, but only in trailer form. Neither EA nor BioWare had any information to share on the release. The name of our protagonist is the biggest news we’ve seen so far this convention.

So how about it? Are you going to roll a male or female Ryder? I FemShep’d my way through the first three games, so I might create a DudeRyder this time just because…

More information on Mass Effect: Andromeda is expected in August. The game will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Ron Duwell

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