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iOS 10 officially launching this fall!

by Jacob Kleinman | June 13, 2016June 13, 2016 11:44 am PDT

Apple just announced that iOS 10 will launch this fall as a free update with the developer preview available today and the public beta come in July. The company is adding a ton of new capabilities and features as part of the update, including an awesome new Photos app and a redesigned version of Apple Music.

Apple actually says there are 10 major updates in iOS 10. The first is a pretty sweet “Raise to Wake” feature that shows your notifications as soon as you lift up your smartphone. You can also launch the camera with a quick tap (instead of a swipe), and access all your widgets from a special screen on the left.

Another big change is Apple’s decision to opening up Siri to developers. That’s a huge deal, and it could finally help the digital assistant catch up with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Apple Music is getting a huge upgrade as well. It’s been totally redesigned across all platforms with a nicer look, lyrics and more.

Photos is getting some big changes too. Apple is introducing facial and object recognition software that can automatically group your photos by location, time and people. It can also create special montage videos around specific events. It sounds a lot like Google Photos, but it’s all done on your phone instead of in the cloud.

There’s a new Home app for controlling all your smart home gadgets. It’s a pretty impressive application, making it easy to automate your house with scenes that control multiple products at once.

Finally, Apple is introducing some huge changes to its Messages app. The redesigned messaging service can automatically translate your words into emoji. You can also send big text bubbles to show how excited your are or add other video effects. There’s a lot of new features and it seems a little overwhelming, but hopefully Messages and is still simple and easy to use at its core.

Like we said there’s a lot to unpack here. We’ll have a full rundown for your just as soon as we get our hands on the initial preview.

Jacob Kleinman

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