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E3 trailers vs. actual games: This video shows the crazy differences

by Ron Duwell | June 13, 2016June 13, 2016 9:20 am PDT

E3 2016 is upon us, and it’s time for celebration! New announcements, new games, new trailers! As this gargantuan tower of marketing comes crashing down upon us, it’s important to remember that, while this is a huge event, it’s also just one big stage created for the sake of marketing.

Not every bit of footage you see streamed onto the Internet can be believed – studios just want your money No matter the cost, even if it means putting out trailers that don’t match up with the final product, getting you to cough up cash for video games is the end game here.

This doesn’t mean that every game will be bad, that every game will turn out to be a total rip-off or that every trailer is dishonest. However, Ubisoft’s examples in the trailer above prove that there are going to be a lot of changes between what you see this week and what you will see after the game goes gold.

Yes, I’m aware that direction shifts happen during development, and yes, I’m aware that this phenomenon is not exclusive to Ubisoft. But please, just be careful. These dolled up trailers do exist, and the game you think you’re buying isn’t always what it will turn out to be.

Just a friendly reminder before we kick this week off in full gear.


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