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Dynasty Warriors goes ultra dark with Berserk musou game

by Eric Frederiksen | June 13, 2016June 13, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

While no one would call the Dynasty Warriors series peaceful, they’re usually pretty colorful, bright experiences with silly characters. The next entry in the series goes about as far as you can go in the opposite direction. The next game from developer Omega Force has been revealed to be based on the Berserk anime series via a not safe for work trailer.

Berserk, for the uninitiated, is a brutal, dark fantasy anime focusing on a protagonist named Guts as he fights a group of evil god-like beings called the God Hand. It’s been explicitly cited as an influence on the Dark Souls series, with weapons and monsters in the game being pulled almost whole from the Berserk manga and anime.

Berserk’s main character wields a massive sword that puts even Cloud’s Buster Sword to shame, making him a perfect main character for a Dynasty Warriors-style game pitting the player against enemies by the hundreds and thousands.

Not that the trailer implies anything like that, though. Instead of highlighting the main character, his ridiculously huge sword, or the violent, bloody nature of the property, they highlighted a moment from the series that has one of the main characters being raped by a demon. What were they thinking?

That aside, I’m excited as a long-time fan of the series to see it get the Dynasty Warriors treatment. With a new Berserk anime on the way, the timing couldn’t be better. And it’s been long enough that no one remembers the Berserk Dreamcast game.

Berserk‘s title isn’t finalized, but the game is heading to PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC. Even if the game doesn’t head stateside officially, its availability on PC makes it almost certain to get a fan translation mod. I’m looking forward to seeing more as Omega Force doles out information.

Eric Frederiksen

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