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Valkyria Chronicles 2 can now be played on Vita without complicated work-around

by Ron Duwell | June 6, 2016June 6, 2016 5:00 pm PST

A few weeks back, SEGA put Valkyria Chronicles 2 on sale through the PlayStation Store for $4.99, and I recommended it with the warning that installing the PSP sequel on the Vita could be an annoyingly complicated process.

A recent update to the PlayStation Store has fixed the issue. Before, buyers would have to download the game through the PlayStation 3 and subsequently transfer the date manually to a Vita handheld. This is no longer the case as Sony’s update will now allow it to be directly downloaded onto the device.

Sorry. Nothing Earth-shattering on the Valkyria Chronicles front today, like a localization of the third game or recent spin-off, Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Just a nice little handy tip to make it all the easier to enjoy the sequel.

If you bought it before but could never play, be sure to fire it up today.


Ron Duwell

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