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Agents of Mayhem announced, from the makers of Saints Row

by Joey Davidson | June 6, 2016June 6, 2016 8:30 am PST

Volition has announced their brand new IP, following up on the success of the Saints Row franchise. Today, courtesy of IGN‘s first series, we have the cinematic reveal trailer for Agents of Mayhem.

This, according to IGN, is an open world action title. It’s “exclusively single-player,” and it touts all sorts of characters with insane weaponry and gadgets.

“A street gang? Hardly,” the leader of the Agents quips as the cinematic trailer wraps up. That, folks, is a nod towards Saints Row. Heck, even the scene there at the end features a logo that looks very Saints-esque, complete with the purple coloring.

Agents of Mayhem logo

Right? IGN teases that there’s some sort of connection between Saints Row and Agents of Mayhem, though they say they’ll have more on that down the line. Expect gameplay later this month. I imagine we’ll even see the game during E3 next week.

We’ll have an eye on this game moving forward. Stay tuned.


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