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Tesla Model 3 won’t come with free Supercharger charging

by Jacob Kleinman | June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 10:00 am PDT

The Tesla Model 3 is a great deal at just $35,000, and that’s before you factor in possible government incentives and tax breaks. But it turns out the company is also set to cut a popular perk that comes included with the Model S and Model X: free public charging.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the news this week during a shareholder’s conference in California. Responding to concerns that the incoming wave of Model 3 cars could clog up the company’s Supercharger stations, he said those customers will have to purchase an extra package for that bonus. He added that it simply isn’t possible to offer the electric vehicle at such a low price and also include free charging.

“The obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3,” Musk explained (via The Verge). “So it will still be very cheap, and far cheaper than gasoline, to drive long-distance with the Model 3. But it will not be free long distance for life unless you purchase that package. I wish we could, but in order to achieve the economics, it has to be something like that.”

Of course, you can always charge your Model 3 overnight at home but, if you’re planning on driving long distances, you’ll want access to Tesla’s impressive network of Supercharger stations, too. The company hasn’t said how much its extra charging package will cost, but it should still be a lot cheaper than the gasoline alternative.

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