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North Korean Facebook clone “hacked” using the password “password”

by Brandon Russell | June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 1:40 pm PST

Last week, Motherboard reported on a mysterious Facebook clone hosted in North Korea. Not even a week later, and Motherboard is reporting the social network, which is currently offline, has been “hacked” by a Scottish teen.

18-year-old Andrew McKean claims to have taken over admin privileges of the mysterious site by simply guessing login information. According to McKean, the credentials had been left on the default, which means “admin” and “password” were all he needed to control the Facebook clone.

People should know by now that using a generic password just doesn’t cut it but whoever set up the social network, which looks like it was created using phpDolphin, is new to the internet.

McKean said after taking control of the site, he could change the site’s name, censor words, manage ads, and see personal information. He was also able to see the site’s supposed name, which was “Best Korea’s Social Network.” According to McKean, he had no plans to do anything with the site after breaking in, but nevertheless, it’s currently down.

It’s unclear what was planned for the social network. Maybe it wasn’t meant to go live; maybe it never existed; maybe it’s going to take on Facebook to become the most popular social network in the world. First, it looks like whoever is in charge needs to beef up the site’s security before bringing it back online.

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