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Guard the data on your Android devices with 2 years of ESET Mobile Security – only $9.99

by Danny Zepeda | June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 7:15 am PDT


You’ve got your laptop tricked out with the latest virus and malware protection…so why leave what’s arguably your most precious device – your Android smartphone – prey to cyber-thieves?

Make sure your mobile data is just as protected with a two-year subscription to ESET Mobile Security, now just $9.99 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

PC World called ESET Mobile Security “one of the top-rated Android anti-malware applications”…and with good reason. ESET is jam-packed with practically any security feature you could think of to protect your device, including anti-virus scans, full security audits, and even SMS and call filters to block communication from any contact.

In addition to those features, ESET also offers 24/7 support to help you resolve any security issue at literally any hour of the day.

Protect all the information in your Android phone with two full years of ESET Mobile Security coverage for less than a dollar a month. Get it now while the offer lasts.

Danny Zepeda

Born and raised in Southern California, Danny grew up on a steady diet Pixar, Star Wars and Steven Spielberg movies. Unbeknownst to him, this was...