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Google Fiber TV boxes to get Chromecast support

by Jacob Kleinman | June 1, 2016June 1, 2016 6:30 pm PDT


Google Fiber is already pretty awesome, assuming you live in one of a handful of regions where it’s available. Now the company is making it even better by bringing Google Cast to all its Fiber TV boxes.

The update should arrive in the next few weeks as an update for Fiber TV, which comes as an extra option when you sign up for the gigabit internet service. Once it hits, your Fiber TV Box will offer the same capabilities as a Chromecast-equipped television. That means you can stream supported apps straight from your mobile device to the TV with a single tap.

Setting up Google Cast is easy. Just makes sure your smartphone, tablet or laptop is on the same Wi-Fi connection. You should see a “Cast” button in the top right corner if the app you’re using is supported. Tap it and that’s it, no need to plug in any extra cables or wires beyond what’s already installed.

If you’re already using Google Fiber this is a pretty nice perk. If you’re still waiting for the service to come to your town, we feel your pain. In the meantime, it’s probably worth spending the $35 on a Chromecast if you haven’t already and want to start casting right now.

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