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Experience Star Wars with this crazy 400-foot image

by Brandon Russell | May 28, 2016May 28, 2016 2:00 pm PST

It’s probably against company policy to watch movies at your desk. But nobody said anything about “scrolling” through a film. Over at, that’s exactly what Star Wars fans can do.

Created by Martin Panchaud, the story is essentially one enormous infographic—about 400 feet in length—and beautifully summarizes Star Wars: A New Hope inside of a scrollable website. It’s impressive and makes you wonder why something like this isn’t created for every major blockbuster.

Simply scroll through the website and you’ll encounter all of the film’s major beats, including the iconic opening shot of the Star Destroyer in pursuit of the Tantive IV.

According to Panchaud, the entire thing was created in Adobe Illustrator, resulting in 157 images that were then stitched together into a single scroll. Head over to the site to check out Panchaud’s impressive work.


Brandon Russell

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