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Sleek Hyperloop pod shows off how we’ll travel in the future

by Brandon Russell | May 25, 2016May 25, 2016 11:20 am PDT

Earlier today, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies revealed it had created a new carbon fiber called Vibranium to make its pod safe, and now images give us a look inside these pods. The pictures come via screen caps of a live stream, so they aren’t the greatest quality, but they do provide a revealing glimpse at how we might travel in the future.

While the interior concept does look impressively fancy, it also looks uncomfortably cramped. I’m not a big guy—about 5’9”, 150 pounds—yet I’m pretty sure I’d have a hard time fitting in there; it looks like it was made for toddlers. If you’re over 6 feet tall, you can pretty much kiss traveling via Hyperloop goodbye.

What’s worse is that these pods don’t actually have windows, and will instead use screens to simulate what’s happening outdoors. Not only are you confined to a space made for children, but you can’t even see outside. That sounds like the worst way to travel.

Either way, take a look at the concept above.


Brandon Russell

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