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Overwatch’s newest animated short “Hero” features Soldier: 76

Despite rumors flying around of a possible new character revealed within, the final animated short from this season of Blizzard’s first-person shooter Overwatch introduces us to a character we already know… and, barring any elaborate hints, no one else.

So much for these videos apparently being “predictable.

Anyway, this last animated short covers the stalwart Solider: 76. This old-school soldier is about nihilistic as they come, but he has a hint of leadership and optimism that makes him an ideal leader. Many believed him for dead in a failed raid that effectively destroyed public trust in the Overwatch team, but now he’s back to face the new threat that looms over Earth.

It’s been a fun season watching these animated shorts, and with the game launching this week, hopefully Blizzard will get back to cranking these out in future months. Who knows? If Overwatch is a hit, maybe it’ll even produce a movie! Let’s hope.

Overwatch launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this week on May 24.


Ron Duwell

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