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OnePlus 3 will launch in virtual reality with new Loop VR headset

oneplus loop vr

The OnePlus 3 is almost ready to launch, and the company just revealed some exciting new information. OnePlus is shipping a special Loop VR headset next month ahead of a virtual reality launch event, which will apparently double as a “shopping experience.”

Company co-founder Carl Pei announced the news in a blog post revealing the Loop VR headset. It’s available for free (plus about $5 for shipping) but OnePlus is only giving away 30,000 copies. The headset is set to ship on June 6, suggesting the OnePlus 3 could make its official debut early next month.

Loop VR was produced with help from AntVR, which offers a high-tech all-in-one headset. However, it looks like this OnePlus model will feature a phone-based system similar to Google Cardboard. There’s also a built-in strap, making it easy to enjoy longer VR experiences.

Snagging a Loop VR will also give you early access to the OnePlus 3 once pre-orders open up. The company still hasn’t said when the device will actually launch, but that information is clearly coming soon. In the meantime, hit the source link below to grab one for yourself before stock runs out.


Jacob Kleinman

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