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Oculus blocks use of exclusive Rift VR apps on HTC Vive

by Killian Bell | May 22, 2016May 22, 2016 11:00 am PST

oculus rift

Oculus has rolled out an update that prevents exclusive virtual reality apps created for its own Rift headset from being used on the rival HTC Vive. The release improves “platform integrity checks,” breaking a third-party tool called Revive.

Revive fooled Rift apps into thinking that an official headset was connected upon startup, which in turn allowed them to run on the Vive. Oculus clearly wasn’t happy with this — it relies on exclusive apps to sell the Rift headset — so it has taken steps to prevent it.

“If you ask Revive’s creators, they believe that Oculus is checking that its hardware is connected regardless of the app you’re using,” reports Engadget. “Previously, you only had to convince individual apps that there’s a Rift attached.”

The only way to get around this is to have an official Rift headset connected when starting an app, then swap if for the Vive. However, this defeats the purpose entirely, because those who own a Rift might as well just use that instead.

Oculus told Ars Technica that it didn’t specifically target Revive, but rather unauthorized use of Rift apps in general. The company wants to make it as difficult as possible to pirate Rift apps that developers “worked so hard to make.”

This is, however, in stark contrast to comments previously made by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who said he didn’t want to lock people into the Rift headset. It’s easy to see why Oculus as a company doesn’t want exclusive software to run on rival devices, though.

Killian Bell

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