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Windows 10 testers can now enjoy Android notification mirroring

Windows 10 - Surface Pro 3-2

Windows 10 users who are testing Microsoft’s latest preview build now have the option to take advantage of Android notification mirroring. The feature syncs their smartphone notifications to their desktop, and it will be available to all this summer.

Microsoft announced notification mirroring — which will also support iOS eventually — back in April. As expected, the feature is currently powered by the official Cortana app for Android, but Microsoft has stated that it wants to make it work natively “through the OS” eventually.

Once activated, mirroring displays your smartphone notifications on your Windows 10 desktop, so you can see them as soon as they come in without pulling your phone out of your pocket. You can then decide whether a notification can be ignored, or if it needs attention.

You can also dismiss notifications on your Windows 10 PC, and they’ll disappear from your Android device at the same time. But sadly, you can’t interact with notifications just yet — so you won’t be able to archive emails or anything of that nature.

If you’re running Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 preview, then, you can get started with notification mirroring on your Android device by installing the latest version of the Cortana app from Google Play.

And if you’re not, you’ll be able to get your hands on notification mirroring when Microsoft rolls out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer.


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