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Unravel 2 confirmed by EA – Yarny returns

by Joey Davidson | May 19, 2016May 19, 2016 8:28 pm PDT

It was almost this time last year that Unravel was introduced to the world by a nervous developer with a doll during EA’s E3 press conference. Now, we have news of its sequel.

Unravel 2, developed by Coldwood Studios and published by EA, has been confirmed after a more generic announcement. The generic part was that EA announced that they have extended support with Coldwood studios and will help them with their next game.

The specific bit? PC Gamer pushed EA for clarification and hear from a representative that “this will be for the next Unravel.”

We’ll take that.

I liked Unravel as a gorgeous game, but its novelty and charm wore off in the face of slowly tedious mechanics. If the sequel’s beautiful and improves upon its issues, I’d absolutely be down for another adventure with Yarny.

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