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Google Home to duke it out with Amazon Echo

by Brandon Russell | May 17, 2016May 17, 2016 4:00 pm PST

Google’s upcoming Echo competitor will reportedly be called Home, according to the New York Times. As we’ve heard in the past, the device will reportedly behave a lot like Amazon’s Echo and use AI to answer questions and perform tasks, such as setting timers and alarms. No word on what the device will look like though a previous report claimed it would be a refashioned OnHub.

Similar to previous reports, NY Times says Google Home will launch this fall, likely (we’d assume) alongside new Nexus devices. Although Google’s device isn’t quite ready for primetime, the search giant wanted to state its intentions at I/O as a kind of Silicon Valley hubris. Hey, look what we’re doing.

Of course, Amazon is well ahead of the pack with its Echo lineup, which means even if Google’s device knocks the socks off of everyone on Wednesday, it’s still facing an uphill battle. Outside of responding to simple queries, it’s unclear how Google plans to make Home stand out. And, for that matter, whether existing OnHub routers will be bestowed with its always-listening AI.

We should know more tomorrow. For everything else we’re expecting at Google I/O, check out this post.

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