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Amazon Knight is the Alexa-tablet mashup set to rule your kitchen

by Brandon Russell | May 17, 2016May 17, 2016 3:20 pm PST

Following the surprising success of its Alexa-powered smart products, Amazon is reportedly working on a new device that looks more like a traditional tablet. Known internally as “Knight,” the device will apparently contain the same capabilities as Amazon’s lineup of Echo speakers, but be more of a visual experience people use, say, in the kitchen while they’re cooking.

As it is, the Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap are fairly hands-off, and that’s the point. But because there’s no visual element, Amazon is potentially allowing other gadgets, such as the iPad, to exist in kitchens across the country. Imagine if the Echo had a screen that you could not only bark orders at but browse when you’re cooking. That appears to be the idea behind Knight, which is expected to be an entirely hands-free experience.

I have an Echo and a Fire tablet, which work pretty well in tandem; just ask Alexa a question and it’ll immediately pop up inside of the Alexa app on the Fire. However, it’s a pain having to always make sure the tablet is charged. Combining the two seems like a natural extension of both gadgets and will provide Amazon with yet another way to hook people into its ecosystem.

It’s unclear when Knight will be available, but with Google supposedly working on an Echo competitor, perhaps we’ll see it sooner rather than later.

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