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Cardboard support comes to YouTube for iOS

by Brandon Russell | May 16, 2016May 16, 2016 11:45 am PST

After adding Cardboard support to YouTube on Android, Google on Monday is bringing the same capabilities to iOS. In release notes for the update (Version 11.18), Google notes that iOS users can now enjoy Cardboard support and watch any video in VR. By the way, we have some 360-degree videos on our channel, a few of which you can check out below.

To watch VR videos using Cardboard, simply select the Cardboard icon, which sits next to the video’s progress bar. Tap the feature and it’ll allow users to view the content through a Cardboard headset, which is one of the coolest and cheapest ways to experience virtual reality.

Adding Cardboard to iOS’ version of YouTube is another milestone for Google in that it introduces the crazy world of virtual reality to a wide audience. 360-degree video has already been available through YouTube, but adding in the Cardboard element further establishes the platform as the go-to for VR, and makes these videos that much more immersive.

On that note, Google is rumored to be working on a standalone VR headset, which could be unveiled at Google I/O this Wednesday. We’ll know all about it (and more) later this week.

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