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BBC “Britflix” service prepares to battle with Netflix

by Jacob Kleinman | May 16, 2016May 16, 2016 3:00 pm PST


Last year, we learned that the BBC was preparing to challenge Netflix with a new streaming service. Now, the government-funded broadcaster has official approval to move forward with the plan.

The Telegraph reports that the new service is referred to as “Britflix” internally. It will reportedly offer a mix of classic TV shows and movies from the BBC, along with other British series like Downton Abbey. The company will also likely commission new original content in an effort to compete with Netflix, Hulu and other rivals.

The BBC already offers iPlayer, a streaming service in the U.K. that lets you catch up on TV shows for about $8 per month. Britflix could be built on top of the iPlayer platform. However, the company promised that none of its current programs will disappear behind this new paywall.

The streaming service is apparently still in early development. The Telegraph doesn’t mention any plans to expand beyond the U.K., but earlier reports claimed it would compete for U.S. eyeball as well.

Telegraph Yukiko Matsuoka (Flickr)

Jacob Kleinman

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