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Acer StarVR headset boasts one big advantage over Oculus

by Jacob Kleinman | May 16, 2016May 16, 2016 6:30 pm PST

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive may be dominating the conversation when it comes to high-end virtual reality, but Acer is set to make a big splash with StarVR. The company’s new headset boasts one big advantage that could give it a real edge over the competition.

StarVR, which is a joint venture between Acer and Swedish game studio Starbreeze, offers a VR headset with a 210-degree field of view (FOV). The company says that covers 75 percent of your natural human vision for an extremely immersive experience. By comparison, Oculus and HTC both offer an 110-degree FOV.

Unlike those headsets, Acer may not sell the StarVR directly to consumers. Instead, the company plans to offer location-based entertainment through a StarCade initiative. So you’ll have to head to a special arcade to try out the 210-degree FOV experience.

Acer recently unveiled a new family of VR-ready computers, so it’s possible StarVR could eventually be available for home use as well. In the meantime, the powerful new headset will also show up at amusement parks and other public locations.

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