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Google Play update adds ability to join beta programs

by Killian Bell | May 15, 2016May 15, 2016 11:00 am PST


Google is currently in the process of rolling out a Google Play Store update that finally adds the ability to join and leave app betas. Users will also be able to leave feedback for beta releases, and more easily distinguish between which apps are previews and which are public releases.

Until now, although beta testers have been able to download preview releases from the Play Store, they had to sign up for them via Google+ communities. But with support for signing up (and leaving) now added, Google+ can be taken out of the equation.

And that’s not the only change Google is making to improve the app testing experience.

“When you’re running the beta version of an app, the Play Store listing will say so right at the top,” reports Android Police, which was first to spot the changes. “That’s handy in the event something goes sideways and you need to figure out if you’re running a non-stable version.”

Google is also giving app testers the ability to leave feedback on beta releases. Once again, this sidesteps the Google+ community, and makes it easier for testers to report bugs and other issues to app developers. The feedback cannot be seen by other users.

Like all Google app updates, this one will rollout in phases, so you might not see it right away. However, you can download the update from APK Mirror by following the source link below, and then install manually if you wish.

Killian Bell

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