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Amazon is making a customizable Dash Button with endless possibilities

by Jacob Kleinman | May 15, 2016May 15, 2016 4:00 pm PST


Amazon’s Dash Buttons are great at what they do, which is offer a one-touch solution to order a specific product. Now, the company is opening up the technology to its full potential with a programmable version of the device.

The AWS IoT Button looks almost identical to a regular Dash except for the branding in front. It connects to Amazon’s cloud over Wi-Fi and packs a non-replaceable, non-rechargeable battery that should be good for about 1,000 presses. Once it dies, your only option is to buy a new one.

Amazon notes that you can program the new Dash button to do pretty much anything. That could range from controlling your smart home gadgets to turning on your car. It could order a pizza, hail an Uber, call a specific person or order any one item from Amazon. Basically, if the Echo can do it, so can this button.

The AWS IoT Button is really meant for developers who want to see what Amazon’s cloud is capable of, at least for now. The company is calling this a limited release and each programmable button costs $20 (compared to $5 for the consumer Dash). The new product launches on May 15, so if you do want one make sure you’re ready to place you order this weekend in case they sell out.

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