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Russian Embassy tweets Command & Conquer screenshot, Internet reacts harshly

by Ron Duwell | May 13, 2016May 13, 2016 7:00 am PST

Command and Conquer Cutscene

The Russian Embassy in London only wanted to spread the news about a genuine war going on in the country of Syria. In its official Twitter post, it draws attention to the Syrian rebels loading up chemical weapons onto a truck. Very serious accusations considering Russia supports the Syrian regime in the county’s ongoing civil war.

However, why oh why did the embassy have to use a Command & Conquer screenshot in the Twitter post? Oh, because it’s the first image that comes up in Google when you type in “bomb truck.”

Well, if The Russian Embassy in London’s objective was to get the word out, then it certainly succeeded. The Internet is having a field day with the little mishap, sending the mix-up straight to meme town.

The embassy pleaded for sanity by stating that “the image [was] used for illustration purposes only,” but the damage had already been done. Please, foreign embassies, don’t use video game screenshots or movie footage to help sell your news. The Internet does not let such mishaps go unnoticed.

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